Entasis Architecture

Welcome to Entasis Inc.
ENTASIS is an architectural firm with registered architects on staff ready to assist you with your design needs. We take client interaction very personally, and we pay attention to details. We will guide you through the entire process from establishing your wishes, through design to the completion of construction. We want to make your design journey enjoyable and help you realize your goals within your budget.

Why Do I Need an Architect?

FUNCTION means taking into account the needs and desires of a client so that the final design works properly. We consider the intended use of a space, movement of people through it, furniture placement and lighting. When function has been correctly established, an architect’s attention turns to form, and then the shape of a project can develop. Just as a potter needing to make a vessel to hold soup sculpts a bowl and not a dish, architects size and position spaces to fit the needs and requirements of a client.  Interaction with the client during the design of a project is vital.  That communication makes design of a particular space a very personal and special process to them and to us.

FORM of a structure is determined by the function of that space. When considering a client’s ideas, we take into account the setting, structural requirements, the budget, and local codes in order to have the best possible outcome. 

AESTHETICS are the special finishing touches that an architect builds into a design that make that pleasing difference to the eye. Whether specifying a particular exterior finish or the addition of pilasters to scale down a large building façade or just adding the correct size of window in the right location, we have the understanding of design concepts that allows us to make your final building functional and beautiful at the same time. After a design has been finalized, an architect’s role continues as one who will work with the client to insure that the intent of the design is met. 

Each year building codes are updated.  Architects are trained to interpret and apply them to a project through notes on design documents or during site visits saving the client time and the cost of rework.  Whether a project is commercial or dwelling oriented, an architect is the owner’s best asset for having a beautiful space to work or live in.

As seen in the March 2015 issue of North Hills Monthly Magazine.