Entasis Architecture

Welcome to Entasis Inc.
ENTASIS is an architectural firm with registered architects on staff ready to assist you with your design needs. We take client interaction very personally, and we pay attention to details. We will guide you through the entire process from establishing your wishes, through design to the completion of construction. We want to make your design journey enjoyable and help you realize your goals within your budget.

A New Home In A New Year - It’s A Great Idea!

Welcome 2017 with a new home design!

Are you ready to build a new home, increase living space, or renovate your current home? 

5 Ways an Architect Can Help With Your Home Design: 

  1. An architect will visit your site and listen to your ideas and wishes for your project. With good communication, an architect will help bring your dream home into reality.

  2. Architects have an understanding of sound construction, design layout, natural lighting, and other natural conditions that will impact the design of your home – both inside and outside. 

  3. An architect’s knowledge and expertise in understanding and maintaining building codes required during construction is another area where they will greatly assist the homeowner.  

  4. Hiring a professional architect means you are getting an expert in their field which will save you money in the long run to help avoid unexpected costs in the area of design.

  5. An architect is one part of a team of experts that you will choose for your home design and construction.  Making a good decision on hiring an architect can help you remain in budget while being able to see your dream home being built.   

    Let our architects transform your vision and wish list into a design concept that can become reality! 

    Please contact us if you are ready to begin the journey to a new home!