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Video Conference Facility


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The initial program called to provide an improved Video Conference facility to be used by small groups of people.  The project evolved into a renovation of the Boardroom, where larger meetings could be included in Video Conferences.  The Boardroom was designed in the early 1990’s, and included dramatic, high and vaulted ceilings with large north facing windows, and clerestory windows all around allowing for good natural light during daytime hours. However, the vaulted ceiling compromised acoustic performance during video conferences, and lighting after sundown and on cloudy days left much to be desired.  Entasis proposed the installation of a “cloud” to be installed to improve the acoustic performance during meetings around the large conference table, also allowing for the placement of microphones and speakers closer to the participants, and off the table, for video conference activities.  The cloud was designed to mimic the shape of the table and was suspended from the vaulted ceiling at an appropriate height. The atmosphere of the room is not compromised – the occupants still feel and see the height of the vaulted area. But the flat cloud structure markedly improved acoustics during meetings in the room. The lighting is now much improved, with lights in the cloud illuminating the table, and the higher dimmable ceiling lights and lighting at the clerestories provides flexible levels of light to handle bright and cloudy days, and night meetings. The finishes, including fabric acoustic wall panels, carpeting and quartz base, were upgraded, but kept in the original character of the room.

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