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Architecture & Design

That Enhances People's Lives








We Solve Problems 

And Make People Smile.

So, what is Architecture? To many, Architecture is the built environment, buildings, and things associated with buildings. To those of us in the profession, that is also true, but in addition, Architecture is the process of designing and constructing that built environment in a way that enhances people’s lives. The services that we provide facilitate that process.

People who utilize the services of an Architect come to our profession with a problem, or a desire, or a need. When they come to Entasis, we address those problems, those needs, with services that enable our clients to inhabit their dream. We help them to realize their goals, to deal effectively with contractors who also help them realize those goals and solve those problems. We are effective members of the construction team. And at the end, when the project is finished, we want our clients to smile.



Is your Department craving inspiration? Is your research lab out of date costing you time and money? Do you have conference rooms and other gathering spaces that need updates and new communications technology? Does your office layout foster or inhibit collaboration? We can analyze your needs, and provide solutions to these problems.



Does your existing home feel cramped, uninspired or simply not function well for you? Do you want to renovate a critical area in your home? Do you want to build an entirely new home? Maybe downsize to a smaller more efficient home according to your new needs. We can help you plan those things, and make your dreams a reality.



Have you found the ideal location for your new business? Need a location for that business? Need to expand your facility to accommodate new markets, new opportunities? Does your current environment promote creativity or allow for collaborative efforts? We can help plan for those needs.

Our Services


Entasis is a full-service architectural firm that offers Architecture, Planning and Interior Design. We have established relationships with experienced sub-consultants in structural, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, as well as landscape design, who share our commitment to quality and problem solving, to deliver to you a complete project.

Featured Projects


"Entasis developed a complete custom home plan for me and the results were excellent. Made a site visit to evaluate the lot and worked patiently with us to accommodate our wishes and requirements. Offered numerous helpful suggestions as we worked at solving problems, and overall exceeded our expectations."

Vic Panza


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Why Choose Us?

Entasis is a group of design professionals with experience in institutional, residential and commercial projects. We utilize a collaborative environment and recognize that for good design to be obtained often egos must be checked at the door and the best end product is the focus. Need a new home? We’ve got you covered. An addition? Or a kitchen renovation? Not a problem. We can address the needs of an institutional client who wants to change an office suite or a laboratory and support spaces. We can assist a restauranteur in designing a friendly eating space that also is efficient for the food preparers and servers. We design office buildings and retail shops.

Our clients have needs. We address those needs and help them design and produce good outcomes.

We work to our client’s visions, not ours

We like our new work to be timeless, not trendy

We listen, we pay attention

We are thorough

We want our clients to smile, during and after the project

We are detail oriented

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